Glow: An exhibition illuminating 15 years of creative and democratic practice with 5x5x5=creativity, Tuesday 10 – Saturday 21 March 2015

Glow.Exhibition.500.2Glow was an exhibition of 5x5x5=creativity’s research with children, young people, educators, artists and cultural centres. The material in this exhibition emerged from 15 years of collaborative action research. Each image and piece of text represents a powerful experience in the work of 5x5x5=creativity, a ‘glow moment’ that distils the essence of our work.

Each ‘glow moment’ has emerged from deep, critical reflection on powerful and transformational experiences within the work of 5x5x5=creativity. They are the moments through which our own practices, values, and ways of engaging with the world of education and beyond have changed. These glow moments have made us reflect on the powerful creative thought and action of young people and have affected a positive shift in the work that we do. Sometimes these ‘glow moments’ present themselves vividly and intensely as they happen, other times they emerge slowly through close and sensitive reflection, starting as a gut feeling … a tingle down the spine.

Glow.Exhibition.500.1Each ‘glow moment’ has developed through collaborative discussion, recollection and debate. They are a product of multiple perspectives, brought together in a process of crystallisation through which we come to see that there is more than one way in which to see the world. Through this collaborative reflection and evaluation of our work we come to recognise those moments that are truly transformational in the work that we do. We come to see those moments that ‘glow’, that lead us to new and deeper understandings.

Glow.Exhibition.500The deeply reflective process of identifying and producing the ‘glow moments’ in this exhibition has allowed us to engage in a democratic and ethically attentive evaluation of our work that is, in itself, productive of new knowledge and deeper understandings of our own practices.

Thank you to all those who have supported the exhibition and contributed their ‘glow moments’. We would like to thank all the contributors to this exhibition and 5x5x5=creativity’s research over the past 15 years.

View/download our Glow booklet here. We hope you enjoy the moments we have shared with you.