Dedication to Sue East (1959-2018) Head teacher, St Andrew’s Primary School

Sue was an extraordinary and inspirational person, a real heroine and trailblazing headteacher. She passionately believed that the arts have the power to be transformational in all of our lives.

Sue allowed teachers to develop their skills in creative and arts based learning, by allowing them to be courageous, take positive risks and push the boundaries of possibility. Sue’s vision allowed the transformation of both teachers and learners, enabling a truly research-full school and inspiring a new generation of teachers.

Sue believed in every child’s creative capacities, that School Without Walls would shine a light on their learning, as active citizens, working alongside creative role models as part of a team.

Sue showed how children’s eyes light up with learning when they are trusted and supported in their creative enquiries – their confidence, engagement, communication and reflective skills are all enhanced in this process.

Sue faced all challenges with courage and a passion for things being different. She always had a Plan B. Sue touched the lives of many, fighting for every child’s right to the arts, creativity and culture. The educational landscape is different because of Sue.


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