Online storytelling adventure

Do you enjoy story-telling and adventures? Then sign up today for a journey into the Forest-Garden City with Chief Story Inventor Oliver Wallace.

This live, free, online storytelling adventure for 7-10 year olds is taking place on Saturday at 11am and we have limited places – so please sign up today!

Patchlarks’ chief story inventor, Oliver invites you to zoom into his storytelling cabin and help discover a unique tale from the mysterious and quirky Forest–Garden City.

A crackling transmission has come through our Story-scope from a strange, green city in a world just sideways of ours. What at first thought was radio static was actually the rustling of millions of leaves. Imagine a city that’s also a forest? What wonderful characters live there? What mysteries does it contain? What stories can we find? We have to explore!

Using our imagination-powered Story-scope we’ll go on an interactive storytelling adventure, where we make up what happens, together. Will we uncover mysteries, change the fate of the city, or help someone with their very important shopping? Who knows? The only things we know for sure is that we are bound to find a story and have a brilliant time doing it.

After the session Oliver will transform the story we find into an illustrated digital Postcard from the Forest-Garden City that will be available online. Sessions are 40 minutes and we have just ten places per session so that everyone can join in fully.

Booking a place* means booking a screen and you could have two or three people there if you like.

Note that the session is aimed at 7-10 year olds and there should be someone in this age range on the screen, but playful older and younger siblings (and adults) are most welcome! 

Booking via Eventbrite.

This event is hand made by Patchlarks. Find out more at or on Instagram @patchlarks