Bath Digital Festival – Forest of Imagination

We are delighted to be featuring some follow up sessions from Forest of Imagination 2020 in the Bath Digital Festival 2020 this week, please see details below:

We must be the change virtual choir
Available to view all week

Moving from Physical to digital: an artists journey
3-4pm Tuesday 20 October

Reportage Illustration in 2020
11am-12noon, Wednesday 21 October

Schools working with Trees of Hope and Forest of Imagination
4-5pm Friday 23 October

Languages of Evaluation

Wednesday 21st October 2020, 4pm–5:30pm
 £35 (Member Discount £5)
Presenters: Professor Peter Moss, Louise Lowings

This session will explore the concept of ‘languages of evaluation’ – the idea that there are many different ways of understanding and conducting evaluation, and not just evaluation as ‘performance management’, a language that is very dominant today.

In particular, we will consider what language of evaluation can do justice to a complex and distinct pedagogical project, for example, that of the municipal schools of Reggio Emilia or many of the Children’s Centres in England, in a way that embodies the value of participatory democracy, and supports researchful education.

Peter Moss, from UCL Institute of Education, will share some of his preliminary thinking about this challenge; while Louise Lowings, from Madeley Nursery School, will share some examples from current practice that have evolved from a two year international research project in early childhood centres.

There will be time for questions and discussion about this vital subject.

Bookings via 
“Documentation as a tool for assessment/evaluation gives us an extremely strong ‘antibody’ to a proliferation of assessment/evaluation tools which are more and more anonymous, decontextualised and only apparently objective and democratic.”

– Carla Rinaldi, President of Reggio Children Foundation

Online storytelling adventure

Do you enjoy story-telling and adventures? Then sign up today for a journey into the Forest-Garden City with Chief Story Inventor Oliver Wallace.

This live, free, online storytelling adventure for 7-10 year olds is taking place on Saturday at 11am and we have limited places – so please sign up today!

Patchlarks’ chief story inventor, Oliver invites you to zoom into his storytelling cabin and help discover a unique tale from the mysterious and quirky Forest–Garden City.

A crackling transmission has come through our Story-scope from a strange, green city in a world just sideways of ours. What at first thought was radio static was actually the rustling of millions of leaves. Imagine a city that’s also a forest? What wonderful characters live there? What mysteries does it contain? What stories can we find? We have to explore!

Using our imagination-powered Story-scope we’ll go on an interactive storytelling adventure, where we make up what happens, together. Will we uncover mysteries, change the fate of the city, or help someone with their very important shopping? Who knows? The only things we know for sure is that we are bound to find a story and have a brilliant time doing it.

After the session Oliver will transform the story we find into an illustrated digital Postcard from the Forest-Garden City that will be available online. Sessions are 40 minutes and we have just ten places per session so that everyone can join in fully.

Booking a place* means booking a screen and you could have two or three people there if you like.

Note that the session is aimed at 7-10 year olds and there should be someone in this age range on the screen, but playful older and younger siblings (and adults) are most welcome! 

Booking via Eventbrite.

This event is hand made by Patchlarks. Find out more at or on Instagram @patchlarks


Every School and Family Invited to Create and Make!

Forest of Imagination have put together a feast of Forest creative ideas and inspiration, to share with teachers, carers and students. Designed in collaboration with Forest Artists in celebration of 10.10.20 TEDx Bath, TED Countdown and The Big Green Draw

This invitation to schools includes seven unique lines of creative enquiry, initial preparation for teachers and suggestions about what the imaginative co-enquiry process with your students may involve. Please share this free creative tool with colleagues, parents and carers!

View the invitation here.


A Climate of Change

Forest of Imagination and The Big Draw join forces

Forest of Imagination and The Big Draw join forces during the pandemic to shine a light on the importance of nature and creativity in our wellbeing.

Harnessing the power of their collective message, and to promote the importance of creativity and collaboration; Forest of Imagination will work alongside The Big Draw, supporting a shared vision in response to the climate emergency, endorsing the positive viewpoint that ‘A Climate of Change’ is essential using creativity as a tool for change.

Working Together 

The two arts organisations will reach out to work with artists and organisations, encouraging them to respond to the climate crisis, through at-home re-invention, making, drawing, singing, writing and many other forms of expression. To further distribute their message of ‘A Climate of Change’ by building a radical and creative response together.

Local and international artists will bring a collection of videos, interviews, news and blog posts to support the importance of creativity, drawing and making to a broader audience. These will be shared on our mutual social media platforms and right here on our website.

Dr Penny Hay, co-founder of Forest of Imagination and House of Imagination said: “This is a wonderful and creative collaboration with big themes and key messages in response to the climate emergency – it is an invitation for everyone to get involved in a conversation about our collective imagination and how we can work together to make a difference”.



Forest of Imagination 2020

We are sewing the seeds and coming up with ideas on how to keep everyone connected with Forest of Imagination 2020

In 2020 & 2021 Forest of Imagination will create a radical response to the global environmental crisis through creativity & research

This year, the award-winning arts event was due to return to the city of Bath with its multi-sensory array of outdoor participation art installations, workshops, architecture, sculptures and audio experiences inviting the entire city to participate…

…However, due to COVID-19 and its impact, we are doing our best to create a virtual Forest of Imagination across the world, to everyone’s imagination alive in this time of crisis.

We will continue to work with artists, collaborators, architects, musicians, writers, sponsors, businesses, local and global organisations as the roots of Forest’ reach around the globe.


For updates please visit

Creative Education Debate – How do we prioritise creativity? – 23 October

Join us in a creative debate about the importance of creative education for all children and young people at Bath Spa University’s brand new School of Art and Design.

Wed, 23 October 2019, 5–7pm

International author and campaigner, Melissa Benn will be joined by colleagues from Bath Spa University, Goldsmiths University of London and Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination. Professor Sue Rigby, Vice Chancellor, Bath Spa University will give a welcoming address to open up the debate.

Melissa Benn, will kick off the evening with a creative provocation: ‘There is currently a propaganda war under way in English education, led by the political right, which seeks not merely to defend but to celebrate the dramatic reforms of the past decade. Part of this involves the idea of ‘no excuses’ discipline and a ‘knowledge curriculum’ – as if no knowledge was ever imparted in England’s schools before 2010. In reality, many of these changes have meant a narrowing curriculum and more standardised testing, and imposition of the Ebacc as an accountability measure has reduced the teaching of more creative subjects such as art, drama and music.”

Melissa Benn will examine these issues, as well as highlighting those institutions and individuals who are resisting it through their exploration and celebration of human creativity in the broadest sense. She will stress the importance of both educational history, as a way of preventing the erasure of past innovation and success, and our need to highlight the achievements of other educational systems that put less emphasis on narrow knowledge and harsh discipline. Finally, she will explore how we can resist current trends in education, and help to develop a flourishing alternative, both at school level and in the political realm.

Dr Esther Sayers, Goldsmiths University of London, Ruth Sapsed, Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination and Dr Penny Hay, Bath Spa University, will share examples of exemplary practice in creative education and open up the debate about how we can prioritise creativity at all levels of our education system.

This event is supported by Creative Bath.

Bookings via Eventbrite

Tickets £5, incl. glass of wine


Please feel free to share the flyer or the above Eventbrite link with any contacts who may be interested in attending.