Cambridge Primary Review Trust Research: The Power of the Arts in Primary Schools

Alongside colleagues from Bath Spa University and the University of Exeter, 5x5x5=creativity is working with five schools who are developing creative approaches to reflective practice and documentation developed by 5x5x5=creativity and action research approaches undertaken in the Exeter pilot, to explore creativity and the power of the arts in primary education.

This programme of school-led and school-focused research involves ten primary schools in the south west of England. During this cycle the focus is on creativity and the arts in primary education in relation to evidence from both Cambridge Primary Review (CPR) and other sources, and the research builds on the network’s exploration of a wider set of issues during the first year. It is hoped that the programme will provide a successful model of action research that will be adapted by other regional networks.

Our partners schools:

Batheaston Primary School, Bath,

St. Michael’s Junior School, Bath

St. Andrew’s Primary School, Bath

Corsham Primary School, Wiltshire

St. Vigor and St John Primary School, Chilcompton, Somerset

For more information please visit

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