Forest of Imagination

We believe that creativity can enhance wellbeing and transform lives, communities, cities and economies.

The Forest of Imagination is a place where everyone can explore their own creativity. It offers a re-imagining of a familiar space into an imagined, fantastical world to inspire intuitive play, imaginative thought and to heighten a sense of nature and the city environment.

Part landscape, part city, part gallery, the ‘Forest’ becomes a place where people come together to experience a seriously playful programme of artworks, events and interventions.

The ‘Forest’ is a wild place and a metaphorical retreat from the day-to-day ‘urban’ world. It presents us with both delight and darkness. This is an alternative experience of nature and architecture using colour, light, reclaimed and re-purposed materials, plants and trees, stone and timber, all displaying the inventiveness of local people.

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