School without Walls

School without Walls: the egg theatre Bath, St Andrew’s Primary School, Bath, St Michael’s Junior School, Bath and Writhlington Secondary School

School without Walls is a radical creative education project devised and delivered in partnership with the egg theatre and St Andrew’s C of E Primary School. It initially involved a year group from St Andrew’s taking up residency in the egg for 7 weeks and the theatre became their classroom.


School Without Walls involves creative collaboration and is a metaphor for a space and a place to think, dream, explore and experiment. Learning takes place outside of the school campus in cultural centres and public spaces across the city.

From the outset, the participants from St. Andrews, the egg and 5x5x5=creativity based their enquiry on the questions ‘What is school and how can we do school differently? The work has since expanded to involve St Michael’s Junior School and Writhlington Secondary School and creative enquiries have taken place across the city.

School Without Walls has been an innovative collaboration of artists, children, cultural centre partners, educators and mentors, with the support of the three participating organisations and the children’s families.


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